Q2686 PORT2 no responce

I want to send AT commands on PORT2.
I have fixed the baud rate to 9600
I then enabled port2

If i send a “AT” to com2, it does not respond?

Is this in data mode only, and if so how do i get port to to respond to AT commands?
Can i get PORT1 and PORT2 to respond to AT commands at same time?


Yes, it is possible that both ports respond to AT commands. This mode is default when a port is opened with at+wmfm.

However, if you do AT+ipr=9600 on port 1, this will not have an effect on port 2. You will need to send the at+ipr command from the port you would like to configure! It might be that port 2 operates on an other speed and because of that does not respond to the command…

If this does not help:

  • which OS are you using?
  • are you sure the data sent gets to the modem on the correct pins?

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It was the baud rate, thankyou.
Is there any way to change the baud of com2 from com1?


there is none that I know of, unless you implement an OpenAT application. An application can set configuration for all ports (so you can implement a command that sets the baud rate for com2 when called from com1).

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