No response to AT command on serial port

I have a HL7718 with the firmware NP Package: NQ_01_00_00_00_60. With this device, I’m able to pass AT commands via the web interface (172.30.x.x). However, the device is not responding to the AT commands via any COM (serial) ports. Is there a setting that I must enable to get response to AT commands from this device via a COM port?

Note: I have another devices with different firmware NQ_01_00_00_00_27 that allows AT commands over COM port. This device however opens up a web interface on 10.0.0.x

Dear madhusudanmb,

Are you using the modem with a Linux or a windows host platform? If you are communicating over USB, you should see three serial ports. On Linux, with modem’s USB, you will see /dev/ttyACMx, ACM(x+1) and ACM(x+2) serial ports. You can use /dev/ttyACMx to send AT commands.

If you are using modem’s UART, you can send AT ports over /dev/ttyUSBx.

Can you list out the serial ports that are enumerated? Also please provide output of commands listed below:

Also please confirm you are able to see web interface on

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