Q2686 module just echoes back the Command!


I have interfaced the wavecom module to ARM processor. The module just echoes back the Command. In otherwords, if we send AT + CGMI, it responds back with AT +CGMI, no other response.

Any suggestions please…



Have you made the correct Flow Control (RTS, CTS, etc) connections?

What happens when you send commands manually from Hyperterminal (or whatever)?


RTS, CTS connections are proper. I cannot connect module to hyper terminal as I haven’t provided the option.



First lesson to lean: always provide the option to connect “manually” to the module!
(hindsight is a wonderful thing!)

You are sending CR to terminate the command, aren’t you…?


We are sending CR to terminate the command. Our board supports both SIMCOM and Wavecom Modules. SIMCOM works fine with the same software. I don’t know why Wavecom is behaving like this.