Q2686 Model number


Hello All.
Many distributors sell Wavecom CPU-s with additional 3-digit code after model e.g. Q2686-431 V6.63.
As i understand this numbers mean wavecom special features status (activated or not).
Is there a method to know this model number in case of absent invoice?

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Some of those features can be looked up with the AT+WFM command (see AT command guide). Some can’t, like the internet plugin for example. But it should be no problem to find that out by coding a small application. The same goes for the VariPower feature, just switch it on in OpenAT and measure your unit’s current consumption.

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Great thanks for answer.
BTW as i understand ALL features are present in firmware, they
only need to be activated? It is possible to “Buy password” for activation or not?



Yes, at least for some of them. You would need to talk t your distributor for that.

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To: wismo_coder

Great Thanks in advance.
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