Q2686 + fw 6.63 CPOF problem


I am developing project using Quick Q2686 - I recently download firmware 6.63
(verified with AT+CGMR respond “663_09gg.Q2686H 1955080 080207 16:01”)

Quick module is powered from Lion battery, CHG-IN is connected throught diode with series limiting resistor to external power supply. No application is running and after sending AT+CPOF (or AT+CPOF=1) command the module will freeze in dead lock (if GSM led blinks before this command it will resides in last state). I did read Customer release notes for firmware 6.63 (Revision: 001, from October 5,2007) and there is nothing about this modification from firmware 6.62.

When I compared to old version 6.62

After AT+CPOF command sended to Q2686 module the module proceed automatica restart after few seconds. This i suppose as normal situation.

Can anyone help with it, Do I need to disconnect CHG-IN before CPOF ?