Q2686 freezing problem


I saw that you didn’t answer “Q2686 not responding” topics but I want to ask again.

We desing a car tracking kit using Q2686 Wireless CPU. There are about 1000 kits at field, and 10% of them freezing after a while. So we need to service for them to power off and on.

They drop from GSM, not respond to any AT command.
We tried to update firmware but it doesn’t work.

Are there any solution for this issue from your side?

Thank you,

Abdullah Tansel Ozturk

Hi Abdullah!
We have the same problem, can you tell me if the RESET pin helps to reset the module, or only POWER ON/OFF?
In our case only ON/OFF helps…

Can you check: if you put BOOT signal ON will the corrupted module works good? We found that it helps.

We made external watchdog for such issue. And RESET pin does not work for every case - you should power cycle module to reset it for sure.