Q2686/7 restarting during adl_ioSubscribe

I had a previous version of a board which had everything working…

Now I have a new version of a board, and whenever I perform an adl_ioSubscribe, the system reboots and reports an exception.

The parameters I’m providing are innocuous enough - e.g. (1, $3017, 0, 0, 0).

What could possibly be happening? Could there be an event handler that’s fired and using a NULL pointer?

I am able to control IO using the AT+WIOM and AT+WIOW commands.

It is possible that new version of board uses OpenAT 6.xx instead of 4.xx. And IO and GPIO api in new version is significantly changed. Check your OS version and downgrade it to the version for which you compiled your app or upgrade your app to a newer version.

This was a “C++ malloc” problem that’s covered elsewhere. Please delete this thread as it’s a red herring.