Q24Plus do not indicate incomming GSM call

Q24Plus has not incomming GSM call indication while GPRS stack started by AT+WOPEN=1 command and GPRS sesion started. Even if TCP/UDP or other connection closed you can’t see incomming GSM call anymore.

Do this job is too hard for new excellent ARM7 processor or new WIP TCP stack?
Must I use M2M Nokia or T. products to make TCP/UDP connection and answer voice and data call?

Why Q2406B has call indication while Q24Plus not?
Where my mistake?

Thank you!

Does this mean that you are not receiving the +RING indication or the call service (in the application) is not able to detect the incoming call?

Can you specify the process followed by you?


I have exactly the same problem if wopen=1 I can not see incoming GSM call If I set wopen=0 all is ok…

I have the save problem, but one q24ng which can subscribe sim event is OK.
I can’t find any different between these q24ng.
Who hanv any idea?Thanks

How can you say it’s the same problem, when it isn’t yet clear what the problem actually is:

Those questions still need to be answered! :unamused:

Yes it is not possible to recieve any GSM call/SMS while you are working with GPRS.
Since its all depend upon the Module. There are 3 types like
1.Class A–>Both GSM/GPRS functions can work at a time.
2.Class B–>Only one of GSm/GPRS can work at a time.
3.Class C–>Anyone depending upon manufacturer it works with only one .

So Q24plus is classB.

I’m waiting for an answer on this as well (via distributor).

Sure the device might be Class B and unable to handle voice/data simultaneously but it must be possible to suspend the data session to accept the voice call.

So, there are two issues I’m also looking for answer to:

  1. how to ensure I see a reliable Ring Indicator (unsolicited would be nice and I’m trying to find a way to believe hardware RI which toggles at inappropriate times - I must be missing correct setup for AT+WRIM=?)

  2. how to then suspend the data session

This problem is very material.

When using “AT+WOPEN=1” to run OPENAT OS application software(which is already downloaded inside the Q24PLUS), “RING” indication is not shown or the call service (in the application software) is not able to detect the incoming call when one call is incoming. NOTE: THE application software is not in GPRS state.

I have the same problem.
Can sb. help me?