Q24plus 1 can have Half rate audio codecs?


Is there any available option to upgrade q24plus 001 to have half rate function? audio codecs



Unfortunately, the upgrade option is to use a different Wireless CPU! In the New Q24 Series, the silicon that supports the codec is physically different for the version supporting AMR and the version supporting HR. This is a limitation of the core. That was changed with new silicon in the Q26 Series and is the reason that Q2686 and Q2687 are marketed as “Quad Codec” Wireless CPU devices. The Q24PL002 and Q24PL004 devices support HR (but not AMR) with the 004 version including on board SIM holder. Selecting the right Wireless CPU will be made easier with the new online “Product Locator” which will be launched with the new Wavecom website in December 2007. It will enable you to select the device based on the features you need. I hope that helps you even if not the answer you would have liked.