Q24 plus not responding after 14 hours

Function of Q24 PLUS IN my application is
It transfers data to public ip for every 1 min and chipset has come to AT mode. After 1 min again chipset has come to data mode and transfer data and come back to AT MODE this process running healthy for 14 hours.
After that chipset is not responding for any of AT commands even for AT command.Even though we switched off for 1 hour
and power up the chipset it is not responding for any of AT command.
It is working after more than 6 hours of rest.
Please help me regarding this problem.

As the Q24 does not include a backup battery ( not even a supercap, or something like that) internally, it is hard to beleive the problem is essentially because of the WCPU.

You should look around your HW design, after the problem occurs check whether the signals and power supply meets the requirements stated in the documentation.

Hai Tomalex,
Even power supply section according to wavecom recomended document.But still there is problem with chipset


If you completely repower your whole device (not only the WCPU ), is the WCPU still not responding?