Programming Relay Output 1


An AirLink GX400 needs to periodically turn on and off a connected device.
In order to control a relay on PIN 4, I have found that I can go in the ACE manager/Relay Output 1
Then I can switch the output between: OFF and Drive Active Low, that corresponds to 3.3 V and 0 V

How can I configure, at a fixed time everyday, to switch the Relay Output 1?
Do you know an event which is associated with the modem quitting the low power mode?

Thanks for your help.


You can have a look at “Event Reporting” configuration in ACEmanager, creating an Action with type “Relay Link” will enable to act on Relay state.
However Event Reporting trigger options might not sufficient to act on Relay at a fixed time everyday.
But you can give a look to all the Event Type possibilities, maybe one type will fit your need anyway.

Another possibility is to use ALEOS Application Framework, you can develop a small application that will act on the Relay.
ALEOS Application Framework provides an API (devicetree) to set Airlink device settings (the Relay in you case can be accessed using the name “” in devicetree API), and also a cron API (to run action on specified time).
By combining both APIs, you should be able to have the expected behaviour.
Let me know if you need more details on this.

About your question
event […] associated with the modem quitting the low power mode?
Do you speak in Event Reporting context? ALEOS Application Framework? or anything in ALEOS?


Hi Laurent,

Thank you for your reply and the clues for how to use the ALEOS Application Framework.
First, I will give a second look at the “Event reporting”.

About the ambiguity in my question below, I was speaking in the “Event reporting” context in ACEManager.