Get/setting relays with the GX 400 I/O


I’ve not found a method of getting or setting the state of relays 2 - 5 with this modem (relay 1 works - I’ve done a dump of the devicetree but haven’t found any variables associated with those relays. It would most appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.

The firmware version on my modem is 4.3.2a.010



Well the XCard IOs are not supported in AAF/ALEOS < 4.3.4 (which is not released just now, but will be in less than a month)

In the meanwhile there is a workaround to read any ID from the system, but that is read only, and non officially supported:
There is a specific path: “aleos.MSCIID” where MSCIID is a numerical value representing the variable. That is where it get tricky: the list of MSCIID is not documented. I suggest that you get access to a Sierra FAE/FSE in order to get dedicated support.
The I/O have the following IDs: