Processor Restarting



Earlier the application was running and it got CME Error: 3 when it attempted to execute an AT command.

But after 2 or 3 days even when the application is not running the processor keeps on restarting. when OS is re-flashed problem gets solved, but yet the cause is unknown.

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Rajamanickem. S


How far is your antenna from the flash memory, module and SIM card? We experienced a problem where units would reboot due to emmission interference from the antenna which was very close to our SIM and Flash. We also found that loading new firmware fixed the problem, but in our case we thought it was because we loaded a newer version of the firmware.



The antenna is place at sufficient distance. The processor displays +WIND:13, +WIND:1, +WIND:16, +WIND:7 and then once again +WIND:13.

In my code i delete all SMS after reading it but when i place the SIM in my mobile i am able to see one unread message. Once i read it i get a GPRS settings message from the network provide. Does this has anything related for the cause of restarting?

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Rajamanickem. S


You’re not doing that in a loop, are you…?

See: … IKI#p16098

I’d say that’s highly likely!

I’d guess that this “settings” message is not what your application is expecting, and that causes the crash; eg, due to a buffer overrun; or if the message is PDU, and you’re only expecting text…

I once inherited an application which had a bug exactly like this: it “worked fine” i [/i]until, one day, it got an SMS sent by someone to a wrong number. That SMS, of course, was not in the expected format - and this crashed the app.



When i give the AT+WOPEN=3 and restart, the problem got vanished. Kindly could anyone suggest whether the Flash has caused the problem.

Rajamanickem. S


I doubt very much that the flash itself actually caused the problem.

More likely that your application was not correctly handling the data stored in the flash…



Is there any specific way for handling flash?

I have used the Flash API mentioned in the ADL user guide.

Kindly provide if any other references available.

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Rajamanickem. S


Yes, the API is the way to handle it - that’s what “API” means!