Problems with TCP Server example

I want to test the example of the TCP Server from Sierra Developer Studio.

On the other side i have a Winsock Client (Windows) which I want to connect to the Server on the Modem.

If I start the client with the puplic IP from the Modem (Server), I get an error on my Client.

Have somebody an idea how i can solve this Problem?


What kind of error do you get? :unamused:

Well the client says can´t connect to server

The port given to the Client is the same where the server is listening. I use the puplic IP from the Modem to connect to the server.

your firewall on the client side may block the port number you use.

You can have a try to open Port 80, as this is a standard port for HTTP and normally won’t be blocked by firewall.

Most mobile operators block incoming TCP connections on all ports, unless you have a special arrangement otherwise. Put the client on the phone and the server on your Windows system.