Issue with TCP sockets



I’m working on a program using a TCP server running on PC and TCP client running on Q2686. The connection with the Q2686 is established through the GPRS network.

Now there is a problem receiving data from the pc application:
- When I connect to the TCP server, I get the WIP_CEV_OPEN event, than the WIP_CEV_WRITE. So that’s OK. But when I send data from my client application (Q2686) to my pc application (server), the server doesn’t received any data until the client closes or shutdowns the connection.
- I have the same issue if the server sends in first data to client.
- Data are only transmitted from one side to an other once the connection is closed

I have another client application (pc-based) that can connect to the server and send data without any problem. The PC application is developped with Visual 6 and uses the ws2_32 library.

Thank you very much for your help


Nobody can help me? :frowning:



I received your request via the wavecome forum auto email system, but I could not reply you directly because that email does not contain your email address.

From your description, your server can communicate with your local client (I suppose you run them on the same computer), so the server program is fine.

This means that your modem has connected to the server, so there is no firewall problem (I had this problem before). You said that the server could receive data from the local client, didn’t you? so I think recv() function is working.

I am using a different modem from yours. Mine is Q24PL001. I wrote a simple client/server program with Visual Studio 2005. What I do in my server program is to send the received information back to the client. If you send me an email from the forum including your contact email address, I can send my programs to you.