Problems updating user application ("Monitor" tab not visible)

Hi! I need to update user application on some devices.

A month ago there were no problems, but now I can’t access Monitor, Configure and Develop tab’s despite the fact that they are enabled in my profile interface settings.

On new Upgarge tab there is no such option - only “Firmware update”.

How can I update my application?


I have a few questions to help sort this out for you:

  • Can you provide your ALMS account name so we can have a look at your account?

  • When you say “update my application” are you referring to a AAF application that you have developed, that you want to deploy to the gateway?

  • If so, has the application been deployed to your account in ALMS?

  • Have you used the “install application” action to deploy your app in the past?

Let us know, and we’ll help sort out this issue for you.


My Account ID is: “269b8e29374c4ecaa811b36000109eab
Is this information enough?

I have updated applications in the past. In fact, this actions are still in “Upgarge>Operations” menu:

Interface changed about a mounth ago.
I can not find the application download option. Earlier it was:

Now the only similar menu I found is in “Upgarge>Systems” tab, but there is no “Install application” option:


I raised an internal ticket to fix this issue and we come back to you as soon as possible.



A week has passed, is there any progress in solving my problem?


If it is not possible to provide a remote user application update for us, please provide me a reason so that I can transfer this information to my department head.