Problem with OpenAt 4.24 and Fastrack supreme

I used to use openat 3.03 and M1606B.Everything was fine…
Now i work with Fastrack Supreme 20 (wm20452, 663_09gg.FSU002 1955080 080207 16:01).
Few days ago i installed new version of OpenAT - SDK v4.22a.
I wasn’t able to run simple application “Hello World”, i wasn’t able to delete my application also.
(at+wopen=4).My local wavecom distributor told me that i need the latest version of openat.
i installed the Wavecom Open AT Software Suite v4.24a…situation is exactly the same…

Very strange thing is with size of those files:

gcc_Hello_World_256KB.wpb 48K
gcc_Hello_World_256KB.wpb.dwl 49K

When i install openat 4.24 on “pure” pc everything is ok. i can build,download, run simple application…
The out files have the same size - 48K.

i tried to uninstall every version of openat and install latest version after but it didn’t help.

what can i do?

best regards