Problem while linking aplications


Hi! I have big problem witch aplication linking. I use cygwin and standard wmmake name -c. There is problem only when I make aplications that use MultiApp lib (hello_world) or IPconnect lib (socket, FTP).
I have this message in console :
cygdrive/C/OpenAT/Tools/GCC/bin/arm-elf-nm: gcc_Hello_World_32.elf: No such file or directory
make: *** [make_single_bin] Error 1
When I make another aplications everything is OK.
Do anybody can help me?


I have found the solution of my problem.
I think this is kind of bug in linker. When I try to compile aplication with error ( for example function which has no declaration - only definition ) compiler do not submit error and then linker coudn’t find the declaration so submit this strange error.