Problem port forwarding ports 161 & 162

Module: Q2686RD
OS: 6.36
F/W: 7.46
WIP: 5.42

Hi all,

I have programmed in Port Forwarding and can successfully port forward any UDP port except ports 161 and 162. I know that ports 161 and 162 are used for SNMP. Does anyone know if the port forwarding API (or something…) purposely prevents these ports from being ‘port forwarded’ because they are used for SNMP? Has anyone else seen this problem?



I hope you are not using SNMP server or agent.Unless SNMP server or agent is installed ,ports 161 and 162 are not listening.It may be possible that these ports are being used for SNMP .In that case these ports will be reserved and cannot be port forwarded.


Hi Paruthiv,

Thanks for that. I assumed that that would be the case had I also used SNMP routines, which I don’t.

The problem turned out to be a firewall rule at the sending end which was blocking those ports.

Hi all,
am working on SNMPv3 Communication protocol. here am facing the problem by sending V3 trap from agent to the Manager. Here am configuring the agent IP address, port, user and authentication password. if i provide all these information at the manager end, the manager is identifying the agent, once the manager could recognize the agent, the data transfer like trap, get and set will share each. But here am sending the trap to the manager by using wip_snmpv3Trap command and the manager unable to receive the trap from the agent.

can any body help who had worked on this…