Problem getting started with QMI API


I am attempting to create a custom connection manager for use with the MC8355 modem. When I start up my environment, I am trying to make sure power is turned on to the modem. So I call


And I find out that it is currently in Low Power (airline) mode. So I attempt to set it to “Online” mode (0)

ULONG rCode = SetPower(0);

But this function always returns the error code 1083 which according to the documentation is “The selected operating mode is invalid with the current hardware setting.” Am I missing something? How do I ensure the device is set to the proper power setting before continuing? Is there some other set up that I am failing to do before calling SetPower()?



As GetPower() API returns low power(airline) mode. We suggest to modify the full mobile phone functionality using “AT+CFUN=1” command before setting the power mode to online mode using SetPower () API so that it could retrieve the maximum power .Refer GOBI AT command guide for more information on the command.