Probelem with +CREG


I use OAT 3.10 and OS 6.55 with Q2501B.
The problem is that when i lanch AT+CREG=1 throgh adlcmdCreate to activate registration unsolicited responses. i receive OK and i subscribe for this reponses (+CREG:…) but i receive anything after !!!
And when i try the AT command in HyperTerminal AT+CREG? i havve the reponse +CREG:0,1 means that the unsolicited responses are not activated !!!




Look at the inner At commands section (2.10) in ADL dev guide. Anno i missed that page, too. We cant temper with those value, the OAT application sets all unsolicited responses.

So if you dont change anything, everithing should be ok and all unsolicited messages should be received.

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