PowerOn POK_IN not work

I’m using AT*PSCPOF for put hilonc into DeepSleep Mode to save power consumption. But if i power on the module with POK_IN signal within 60minutes from sleep the module won’t start and never raise CTS signal. Note: during sleep, the module has always 3.2V over power inputs.

When set POK_IN low for power on, i wait 2500ms but CTS doesn’t change.

How can i resolve? there are other deep sleep ways or i make some mistake during power on.



Having a VBATT at 3.2V (which is the minimum in the range of 3.2V to 4.5V) is not a good idea.
When you power on the module, it will need a peak of current which will mechanically create a drop on VBATT. Below 3.2V the module is not able to start.

First thing to do is to modify the VBATT signal to not be at the low border of the range when using POK_IN.