"PowerDownModeActivation" - where can I find zip package


I’ve red very nice document PowerDownModeActivationUsingOpenAT__rev001-2005-07-04.pdf.
At bottom of this tutorial there is an information:
This application note is delivered as a single
compressed zip archive as follows: Power_Down_Mode_Using_Open-AT.zip Application Note + 2 sample applications…

Where can I get this zip file ? I was trying to search on developer.sierrawireless.com, but unsuccessful.

Bartlomiej Grzeskowiak

Hi Bartlomiej,

Which product you are using with this application note?

I am afraid the document is very outdated, from the file name, the date is July 2005…

If you are using currently supported models, you should able to get relevant info for that product.


Hi Lotam,

I’m using SL6087, and I would like to get some sample Low Power, and Internet (email, FTP) application.
I can find it everything in
developer.sierrawireless.com/Res … ework.aspx

But it would be also nice to have some example projects.

Bartelomiej Grzeskowiak

Hi Bartelomiej,

Thanks for reply.

For low power, please refer to AT cmd guide related to the FW you are using, Appendix 3.1. Working Modes (specify appendix

For internet application, there are lots of sample projects comes with the application framework, just select “WIP Library Package” in “Libraries” tab and you will see.

Hope it helps.