Porting i-Logix Rhapsody

How can I Port OpenAT for i-Logix Rhapsody UML Modelling tool?
any idea;

What do you actually mean by that?? :confused:

Do you mean that you want to use Rhapsody to model applications that will be implemented under Open-AT?

Do you want Rhapsody to auto-generate code to run under Open-AT?

Yes I want to use Rhapsody to model my application. After I want to use this model codes to implement under Open AT. is it possible?
I dont want to auto generate Open-AT codes from Rhapsody. Its mode difficult.


Of course it is possible - it’s just a Model!

If you’re not auto-generating then, surely, there’s nothing at all to do: all the Open-AT specifics will be in the code, and you’re writing that by hand…?!