Port forwarding with Air Card AC313U

I have a soulution, with a problem.

I have an Cradlepoint MBR1200B, using a AC 313U connected, for an internet connection (works fine with PC, and VOIP phone system).

I need to have port forwarding enabled.

I have enabled the port forwarding through the Cradlepoint device correctly - no luck
I’m using AT&T, as my provider, no help there.
contacted netgear, not help there.
tried to access the AC by directly connecting to my PC, I couldn’t access it (maybe i didn’t do it correctly, not 100% about this one)

My problem is, I need TCP ports 4520-4524 and port 80, forwarded through, to allow a security system to be remotely accessed and controlled.


Since April 2013, all AirCard Mobile Broadband Devices are marketed, sold and supported by NETGEAR, Inc. Please consult support.netgear.com.