Port Forward Table

Is there any good reason for the lack of a label to identify what each of the port forwards is being used for in the port forward table? I have some applications with a lot of forwarded ports and it sure would be nice if I could label what each one is for. I’ve made the suggestion through my local rep years ago, but haven’t seen any changes. It seems like this should’ve been added a long time ago.

Hi @mbezzlr

In your case, the best way is to contact your reseller or distributor directly for technical support.

I don’t need tech support. I need Sierra Wireless to step up their game.

Hi @mbezzlr

Yes, You need to contact your reseller or distributor directly for this update.

An update with this feature exists?

Yes, it is.
The best way to get support is through your commercial channel in your case i/.e. who you bought the unit from.

Thank you for the info. I’ll get on that.

Hi @mbezzlr, I guess Donald misunderstood your last concern. As I know there is no update available for port forwarding labeling. I’m not sure if Sierra has plan to implement this enhancement.