Please, how to connect Q52 omni to satellite?

can anybody tell me how to connect Q52 omni to ORBCOMM satellite ?

i really need assistance.
i have already set up for initializing the Q52 to satellite utilities. I downloaded Q52 omni plug in and DSP loader the same as what userguide.pdf told. it’s succced.

After i switch mode of Q52 to Satellite mode (AT+PCFG=1), i used OrbPerform to send email.

These are the procedure that i have done:

  1. Because my q52 is provisioned in South Asia, i use eastern hemisphere GCC->GCC’s ID is 120.
  2. the result is SC link indicator change to “Green” (indicating my SC connected to Orbperform) not red anymore, but the Sat link is still red (indicating my SC not connected to satellite any more)

how does i connect the Q52 to satellites ?

if i use APITEST command like AT+APITEST=101 (GetSatelliteNumber), The result is certain:

q52_GetSatelliteNumber() = 0


these are parameters that i use when i try send email :
ibParam.gateway = 120; // eastern hemisphere gateway
ibParam.polled = FALSE;
ibParam.priority = 2;
ibParam.acknowledgment = 2;
ibParam.reportOR = 3;
ibParam.messageOR = 3;
ibParam.msgBodyType = 0;
ibParam.msgDataType = 5;
ibParam.PIN = 0;
ibParam.servType = 2;
ibParam.defSearchMode = 4;

sorry i am unable to answer your question, but an interesting thing in your post is orbPerform software, which i am unable to find on the internet, it will be a favor for me if you tell me the link on the internet from where to download this software.