Pinpoint X GPS Data Poll from Multiple IPs

We have a script that polls the Pinpoint modems and gets a GPS TAIP report. Currently we can only poll the unit from one ip address that is configured as the “Report Server IP”. We would like to poll it from multiple IPs, but if we add another IP into the the GPS Server 2 “Report Server IP” it doesn’t work. The Pinpoint is running firmware version V4328_4.0.11.003.

We have another Pinpoint that is running an earlier firmware version V4321_4.0.7.001 and it lets multiple IPs poll the GPS data without issue.

Is there any way to get the older version of the firmware? We need version V4328_4.0.7.001.


You probably want to check with your point of sale or reseller if they can provide you legacy firmware. I’ve never see it on the Sierra Wireless Support page.

Otherwise you could try reaching out to Technical Support directly: … portsteps/