Ping delay in Q2698

I have a Q2698 attached to a linux embedded plattform. I connect with this modem with 3G throuh PPP. The first pings take a long time. The fist ping has a delay of 5 seconds, the second ping has a delay of 4 seconds, the third ping 3 seconds, the fourth one 2 seconds, the fifth 1 second and aftter that the next pings are right with a delay of 100ms more or less.

Does anyone know because that may be running this bad?

Thanks in advance

For slow response in first few pings, it makes sense because of dormancy.
Usually, it should improved if we ping continuously.

Still, 5sec is bit long… maybe network issue?
Are you getting good signal coverage and have you tried different network SIM or target ping server?

It sometimes long 12 seconds in the first ping. 10 seconds the next… 8 the next… and so on.

I have good signal coverage, the network SIM is from movistar, the main network here and I have prove with diferent target servers.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe the Q2698 has to reconnect/re-establish the network connection before the first ping is completed? Maybe your ISP is disconnecting/parking your connection?

ciao, Dave

have any surplus Q2698 ?