Phone calls behave curious

Hello everyone.

I have a SL6087 modul that worked fine for quite while now, but now it behaves odd when it comes to phone calls.

The modul has a microphone and a speaker connected to it. if i call the modul, for example with my handy, everything works just fine and one can talk (or sing :smiley: ) just normally. So the microphone and the speaker are working.

But if the modul calls another phone (via atd555123456), sometimes it comes the beep beeeep beeeeeep sound which comes when you call a wrong number. But most of the times the called phone rings normaly. If one takes the “telephone receiver” (what is the correct english word for the part of the phone were one talks into and can hear what the other side says?) to answer the call, all he (the one who gets called by the modul) can hear is a short beep every 10 seconds or so, while on the module side you can hear nothing at all…

I´ve allready restored the factory settings via “AT&F0” but that didn´t solve my problem.
AT+CSQ returns 31

For outgoing call, please use syntax “atd555123456;”, the semi-colon specify the call as voice call.
If there are no semi-colon, module initiate the call as data call.

funny that it has worked at all… :smiley:

but i´m using “adl_callSetup(telNr ,ADL_CALL_MODE_VOICE);” in my programm, where the same error occured.

but what so fucking ever, after using a “atd12345;” everything just works again as intended…
i´ll just hope, that his doesn´t happen again… :unamused:

Why would you not use adl_callSetup() :question:

sorry that i was a bit unclear.
My programm uses adl_callsetup, but it behaved this way, so i restored the factory settings, since i couldn´t see what i could have done, that it didn´t work anymore…
after restoring the factory settings i used atd (via hyperterminal) to test if “calling” someone would work, since i wanted to see if it works at all… but it didn´t (cause i didn´t add the ; at the end)

now it works… but i hope that whatever caused this, won´t happen ever again.