Periodic Timers

Does the OAT timer interface provide functions to create periodic timers. I need to create periodic timers for long term events (minutes, hours, days etc). I have not found any info relating to this subject. If someone could kindly point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciated.


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The ADL User Guide has an entire section titled, “Timers” - and each timer has the option to be “Cyclic” or not.

If the timers don’t directly meet your long-term requirement, you can easily use the standard approach of counting some shorter-period timer event…

Thanks awneil, Your right, I missed that setup info. This will make my job alot easier. Thanks again.

MikeT. :smiley:

as long as you don’t want a cyclic timer with a shorter period than 18.5 ms :stuck_out_tongue:

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Given that the stated requirement was, “long term events (minutes, hours, days etc)”, I think that limitation can probably be tolerated in this particular case… 8)

Or in case of long periods you should get the RTC time through Open AT api with a fast cyclic timer and compere it to a reference point ( which you can keep in flash ) to trigger a long period event.

You obviously don’t want to loose your counter before 1 second of the long period because of a reset. :wink:

To All,
Thank you for your responses to my problem. This is a great forum and I look forward to contributing to the forum when I can. Thanks again for all your help.