Timer with period < 1 ms

Hello, all !
Does somebody know how to create pulse with period lower than 1 ms in OpenAT ?
Using the TCU I can create 2 ms period.
Thank you in advance.


I think you can have timer of minimum value 1ms and not less than that.

If you need timings that fine, then Open-AT is not the correct platform for your application - or, at least, for that part of your application.

See, for example: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/wavecom-wmp100-using-tcu-service-open-at-os-need-help/5137/1

The highest resolution you can have on a timer is 18.5 ms, which corresponds to 4 GSM frames. See also he definition of ADL_TMR_TYPE_TICK

That’s the ADL Timer Service.

Finer resolution is available using hardware timers with the TCU Service

tomridl explains here that the TCU resolution is limited to 1ms: Wavecom WMP100 - Using TCU Service (Open AT OS) - Need help