About Timers?

Hi all,

   I have a doubt in timers..In user guide it is mentioned we can use 32 timers running at same time..So if im not using 32 timers running at same time can i use more than 32..To be more clear if i am using non cyclic timers which will not run together in my case.Then can i use more than 32. Also to have more timers is it necessary to unsubscribe timers which have been timed out(non cyclic) and subcribe to new timers.


Irrespective of the type of timers you can use only 32 timers.
I have practically seen this. see timer concept in ADL User guide.


The 32 limit is the number of timers actually running (ie, subscribed) simultaneously

A non-cyclic - ie, one-shot - timer is automatically unsubscribed when it expires.