Patches to Sierra Linux QMI drivers version S2.39N2.60

I am glad to see that my previous patch to the Makefile for the Linux QMI driver ver. S2.37N2.57 has been included into ver. S2.38N2.59. However a new build artifact has been introduced that is not cleaned up.
I am attaching the patch for it here.

My work is an attempt to create a DKMS module for the Linux Qmi drivers so that I don’t have to recompile the module every time I update my kernel on Ubuntu (bionic). It can be found at

SierraLinuxQMIdriversS2.39N2.60.patch.gz (306 Bytes)

While building the module out-of-kernel-tree for a kernel version that is installed, but not the running kernel, the DKMS build fails as the Makefiles for the GobiNet and the GobiSerial drivers use the current kernel version using uname. This leads to issues with DKMS post-install auto-triggered builds, as expected. A 2nd patch to fix this issue (that implements using the variables that are provided by DKMS) is attached below.

SierraLinuxQMIdriversS2.39N2.60-2.patch.gz (513 Bytes)

Hi @samveen
I’ve passed on your patched to our dev team for review. Thank you.