panasonic toughpad fz-g1 rugged tablet MC7710


we have an issue with GPS on panasonic toughpad fz-g1 rugged tablet, we are developing windows 8 application for tablet but we are unable to read the GPS coordinates through MC7710 cause as you know through windows 8 you cant go direct and get the coordinates through com ports we have to deal with windows location services, the driver for sierra mobile broadband MC7710 already updated, we are testing on other devices like lenovo everything is going well we can get coordinates through GPS sensors not GSM or wireless network.

any advice what to do?


Does the module is detecting and all ports (mainly AT port and NMEA port) are enumerating?
Normally when the ports are enumerated we give GPS AT commands to AT port and see the NMEA frames through NMEA port… is this the same procedure you are following?
Also can you disable Windows location services and see whether NMEA frames are coming or not.