Are the compiler switches for M2MStudio this release different from the old cygwin based SDK. I’m noticing that the same code is compiling to 1-2% bigger with M2MStudio. Any thoughts on which compiler switches changed?

I have an OpenAT application that is around 500K in size, which results in a lot of wasted time to download images during development. Any ideas on any additional compiler switches that can be turned on to decrease the image size?


I think so - because M2MStudio gives warnings where the old SDK didn’t…


Optimisations have been set to -O0 in Debug configuration (stayed at -O2 in Release configuration), to ease step by step debugging while using JTAG.
You can restore former behaviour by editing compiler options of your projet.


I’m using the release build. I noticed I didn’t put that in the original message. Also, I am using RVDS. So the RVDS Release build in the new environment is a few percent bigger than the normal build in the old environment.

Are there any other optimization settings that may have changed other than “-O3”.


Strange, we didn’t change the options of the RVDS compiler between the old IDE and M2M Studio. Are you sure you’re using the same packages versions (Open AT OS and Plug-ins) that the ones you were using before?
This could explain the difference…