Operator name in 7.46


we usually get the current operator with our Q26 Extremes and Firmware 7.45 by setting “long alphanumeric names” (AT+COPS=3,0) and then sending “AT+COPS?”. We then get operator names like “Telia S” or “Sweden 3G”. After upgrading to 7.46 this functionality has been broken or changed (?). The same procedure now yields “MCC 240 MNC 05”.

We’ve read the updated AT-command documentation for 7.46 but haven’t seen any info about changes to the command. Does anyone know if this functionality is changed or broken?

Best regards

Hi Fredrik,

I think the firmware carried list of operators name according to SE13 and NAPRD database, we can get the exact info from AT cmd guide, appendix 1.9.

As per AT cmd guide R7.46, the list was updated and I believe that’s the reason.

The list also available in SIM and flash, for later you may customize it on your module using +WOLM, please refer to AT cmd guide for details.

Hope this helps.


I did try testing with both the firmwares, i did not see any changes.
So i don’t think the functionality is changed in 7.46.