Operatin CPU Q24 series at 3.9V and 3.6V

We are using Q24 series GSM module and Q2468 CDMA module interchangeably.

  • Q2468 needs a V_BATT typical of 3.9V
  • CPU Q24 needs V_BATT between 3.2V to 4.5V
  • CPU Q24 GSM -GPRS feature quotes
    • 2Watt EGSM 900 / GSM850 radio section running under 3.6V
    • 1Watt GSM1800/GSM1900 radio section running under 3.6V

Q: Though it is fine to operate the Q24 GSM module at 3.9V, what would be the performance and current consumption when GPRS feature is run at 3.9V?