Open AT 4.11 RC1 getting start...


Well… i am newer in open-at, and i have some questions… :unamused:

I have gotten the version:Open AT ® Software Suite Release version: 4.11 RC 1 over WindowsXP

And i would like to run some samples, alike to Hello_world, well, now i have a M2113A and P5186B, what do i need?
I am trying the Wizard, using the tutorial provided by wavecom,but in firmware folder i have only “C61b”, do i need the firmware of my modules? And what about Memory type (i can see only H and F)?

Now i associated Eclipse for the IDE… but doing double click in Eclipse it does not start up :open_mouth:

Sorry for my question… but i am lost :blush:

To start Eclipse,
Reed the “Tutorial for Open AT IDE v1.04” page #: 14, document comes with Open AT SDK Suite.