"Open AT 2.0 beta" trace problem

Hi there,
we are using Open AT 2.0 beta. we have a problem with the trace outputs. We cannot see the traces, however there is no problem when we were using the older version(Open AT 4.24)…
How can we solve that trace problem, any idea??


You have to choose ADL trace LEVEL 1 and former CUS4 level 1 traces are visible.


I’m not sure what jacfry means in the above post. I appear to be having the same problems as user ‘cos’.

I’m trying to just run the hello world application, and get the trace output. This is Oasis 2.01, and I’ve successfully upgraded the firmware on the module.

I can run the application in target mode, and see the ‘hello world from Open-AT’ printed in the terminal emulator. However, I don’t see the ‘hello world’ trace messages using TMT. I got the target info as usual, and looked at the the diagnose levels. I see CUS1, CUS2, and CUS7, but I don’t see CUS4 that we used with OpenAT 4.24d.

I do see other messages on the trace output though.



It sounds to me like he’s saying that what used to be called “CUS4” is now called “ADL” :question:

So, given the above, do you see an “ADL”… :question:

Ah ha! I do now. I was using the development toolkit version 3.0.0. But I checked the website again, and there is 3.0.1 available. I installed it, and now ADL is on the list. I selected it, and now I see the trace messages from the hello world application.

Thanks everyone.