Online mode

I have two FASTRACK modem, and i need transfer a text file from one PC to another.
I can connect at 9600, but i can’t switch from command to data mode.
I have tryed the command ATO, the DTR signal from the computer, and the DCD pin.
The modem always answer OK to the AT command.

Thank you

Sounds like a perfectly standard modem-to-modem connection, then?
Should be no different from using plain old PSTN modems, surely?

Why do you need to switch from command to data mode?

Just use ATA to answer the call, and you’re connected!
Or, enable Auto-Answer - and you don’t even need to do that!

Note that this has nothing to do with DOTA.

DOTA is a specific Wavecom Open-AT facility for downloading code or data to the modem itself.

Sorry, I don’t know what forum i have to use.
When i have connected to 9600 between two modems, i send characters throught HyperTerminal, but the reciver don’t get anything.
When i send to the modem an AT command, it answer OK.
That means the modem is in command mode.
I don’t know how switch to data mode.


Well, this is a Developer forum - yours seems to be a user question?

Have you read the Fastrack User Guide?


OK, what do you actually mean by “Connected” here?

The process is:
From one modem, you call the other with ATD;
The called modem indicates the incoming call with RING;
You type ATA at the called modem to answer the call;
Both modems say CONNECT
You are now in online (data) mode

This is exactly the same as for “normal” PSTN (wired) modems.

If you have doubts about the Fastrack modems, try it first between two PSTN modems;
Then try between one PSTN modem, and one Fastrack modem.

Are you sure that your SIM is enabled for Data services?

You may find that you need to specifically request Data service from your GSM provider;

You may find that a separate Data number needs to be allocated to the SIM to enable it to receive Data calls (a bit like ISDN);

You may find that your provider doesn’t support data at all on your particular tariff… :frowning:

Is this also possible with a GPRS connection instead of GSM?
If so how?

No - GPRS is packet based; you need to use an IP protocol.

Note thta GPRS requires GSM - it is effectively an “overlay” on GSM