Octave - blueprint export function

Is it possible to download blueprints ?
Or even better connect them to an external version control system? - for example git - to enable blueprints to be shared between companies.

Answering my own question - I guess the Octave API can be used for this - maybe a manual how to guide might be useful

Hi John,

It is possible, we have a few customers doing just that. Here is the api to get the blueprint json

Also, If you have access to both companies, you can copy a blueprint between accounts

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Thanks David

I tried the copy function as it would be useful to be able to copy blueprints between companies - is the following (lack of companies to select) a permissions issue or something else (like me not driving the UI correctly)

HI John, do you have access to several companies in Octave? If this is the case then it must be a permission issue we will have to check.

Hi John and Didier, I have tested this feature with no issues. John, can you see any other companies listed in the pull down of the UI? It is the upper right pull down where you company account is listed.

Hi David and Didier

Thinking about this. I’d guess the problem is that although I have access to three companies - the users which different.

I’d guess I’d need to have the same user added to all three companies or for the companies to be sub companies of my account?

Hi John exact.
we can arrange this for you