Octave 3.2.1 - FX30S - ULPM wake up sources - what to do if FX30 falls asleep and never wakes or gets stuck in a loop

Which WP7702 ULPM wake up sources are supported by Octave 3.2.1 - FX30S via the power connector?

Looking at the documentation I think that only timer is available.

FX30S Power and IO Connections

IO1 (Pin 4) GPIO2
IO2 (Pin 5) GPIO21
IO2 (Pin 5) ADC 1
IO3 (Pin 6 ) GPIO22

Octave ULPM wakeup sources

From the current web docs - This link that is sure to be broken before long

Section “Wake from a GPIO”

ID 2 or 3 to configure the respective ADC pin.
ID 36 or 38 to specify the respective GPIO to boot.