Number of bytes transmited by ed_SendDataExt


I know that the number of bytes transmitted by ed_SendDataExt("&",1,0,(TeDHandle)SocketID[nSocket]) would have to be one beyond TCP header. However, my GSM/GPRS service provider says that more than 100 bytes are transmitted !! That is really ?? How could i measure this ? Is it possible ?



Hi hegler,

Did your operator bill you 100kb instead of x bytes (less than 100)?

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No, it is not. My system send one byte ("&") each 2 minutes and receive one ("@") (keep alive control) and my operator says that each package as more than 100 bytes !!


I know that the operators bill the GPRS per packet rounded to 100 or 10kb in function of the subscription. You can also sniff the packets on the server to compare with the edlib size.

You must also take care of the tcp/ip headers who takes some data.

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TCP/IP library can allow you to check the actual packets sent/received. This is copied from Wavecom FAQ page :

l How to monitor the TCP packet being sent/received?

After starting the Open-AT application, the command AT+ADLDBG=2 should be issued. Now the IP packets being sent/received will be displayed in CUS4 - 25 level of traces.