Not able to get the data via an HTTP link

Hi, i am trying to get the data via an HTTP link. Once I “Stop” the app then it shows otherwise it does not show the results in the developer studio. Could you please help me out?

What did it show when you stop the app?

Why do you stop the app

When i stop the app it shows the results that I want to print (data comes from a server). Without stopping, it does not show the results.

I don’t see such issue, you can try this app

I have 7601. Will it be the same process?

And once I try “cm data connect &” then testing connection … showing for a long time and finally showing “failed”

Here, i have deleted

#if 0
from the http_get_WP77.rar (414.5 KB)

and getting the log (last one in the log file) (attachedlog.txt (52.3 KB)

printf(“HTTP Get!\n”);
#if 0
le_timer_Ref_t timerPtr = le_timer_Create(“Connection timeout timer”);
le_clk_Time_t interval = {TIMEOUT_SECS, 0};
le_timer_SetInterval(timerPtr, interval);
le_timer_SetHandler(timerPtr, &TimeoutHandler);
WaitingForConnection = true;

le_data_AddConnectionStateHandler(&ConnectionStateHandler, NULL);
LE_INFO("Requesting connection...");
ConnectionRef = le_data_Request();




I am changing this line only but not showing any results !!! but if i use in a browser, it shows the result.

static const char * Url = “”;

You need to do “cm data connect &” first, and then run the my code

It works but not with the link
static const char * Url = “”;

Does it work with curl command

I have got with curl command

but did not get how to parse the data from this function

I need to get this “0” into integer.

Didn’t you already get “result 0” here?

yes, but it is in “char”, i dont know how to parse into “int” here

How about using atoi() api?

thanks but i don’t know why the pointer is void and how the “bufferPtr” is printing. I need to have this print value “result 0” into another string variable where it contains the string “0” then I can compare it with another string variable later on. Hope I explained it well.

of course the print out is from fwrite() function.
You can use a global character array to store this “result 0”