Not able to access few website on EM7455 modem

Hi Sierra Community,

We have used an EM7455 modem with our custom design, running on Android-pie, we have integrated a binary and source code provided by sierra, now we are able to get 4G internet connectivity in device,

But we have noticed that only a few websites are accessible, like google. com, facebook. com, but a website like amazon. com and many websites are not accessible, in the not accessible website is showing the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in the browser, however through ping -I wwan0 www. amazon .com this website is able to ping successfully,

Also please note that EM7455 is only the U.S region band supported, but right now we are using in India region, so do you feel that internet service provider is playing any role, and we are not able to access few websites.

We appreciate your effort for providing solutions to this, Thanks in advance.



The MC7455 does not perform any form of filtering,this is going to be down to the sites that your service provider is allowing you to access.