"not a valid excutable"


Hi, all

First post here, so be gentle, please.

I am trying to compile a small application and I am using VC++ (6.0) for an IDE.
Code compiles, but if I try to run it from IDE (RTE debug or release target), I am getting an error “blabla.dll is not a valid excutable file”.
Any ideas? Feels like IDE is thinking it has an EXE, not a DLL.
I have created the project using OpenAT Wizard and the only things I changed are makefile for the target and added couple of include dirs and symbols through IDE project settings.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



If you want to run the application in debug mode (RTE), you need to specify a host application. I don’t know where it’s in the settings, but MSVC asks me first time after creating a project. Just type
in that box, and it should start. Press the Start button and it will run.

If you want to run in target (inside the module) mode, you need to change Solution Configuration to Wismo Target, compile, then transfer the resulting xxx.wpb.dwl file into the module via AT+WDWL then run it with AT+WOPEN=1.




after I added “rte\kernel.exe” to the properties of the VS project I try to Start my sample application (tcp client) in debug mode but there pop in a dialog box says: “kernel exe doesn’t contain debugging info”.

First of all what should I do to in this case?

After I ignore this message and clicked on OK, there started the vs c++ debugging process but there come in some debug assertion failures :slight_smile:


I think this is normal behaviour:

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