No response trace labels HAPC request

When I press the ‘Remote traces configuration’ button, nothing happens!

A message appears above the Traces listing:

So what does that mean? And how do I fix it??

The Traces list is still updating with new traces;
the Console view is still showing messages from the unit, but not responding to AT commands;
the Status view appears to be hung.

Closing & re-opening the port (in the ‘Devices’ view) seems to have kicked it back into order…

Firmware: R7.44

DS sends a set of requests to the module to initialize the views (AT commands for the status view, or requests to get the trace elements labels (“ADL”, “HLH”, or “LLH” labels for the traces are dynamically retrieved), etc…)
Sometimes a request may not answer, and indeed closing/reopening the port fixes the issue.
Please note that we’re precisely working at adding more reliability to this aspect, making DS control that all is fine, and retry by itself if it’s not.