Newest SDK and WIP library development still useful for Q64?

For background, I am a firmware engineer working with our long-life communication platform
designed “generations” ago for the GR48, then went to GR64, then to Q64 with GR Plugin,
primarily because of the compatible footprint.

Now that we are finally deploying products at a reasonable rate, we are discovering the
quirks of the chip and cellular communication in general.

Since the chip has reached end of life, any issues in the errata pages (which we only recently
discovered) are issues forever and will have to be worked around. Some issues we thought
might be due to the GR Plugin.

One of the approaches we were thinking was to remove the GR Plugin and program the
device with OpenAT and the WIP libraries. However, since this is a Legacy product it may
not be supported by the latest tools (or the latest tools may be overkill).

Which versions of the API/SDK and development system should I use for Q64 development?

Or should I just continue to use the GR Plugin because it is probably not the source of my problem?

Thanks for any advice!


Rufus V. Smith
Faria Watchdog
(860) 848-6600 X 115

Hi Rufus,

AS Q64 is EOL product, the latest official firmware is R7.46, with supported Internet plug-in version 5.42.

Not sure what kind of issues you are facing or the errata pages referred to, but removing GR plugin means the GR AT command set will no longer applicable, that’s the main drawback if you use them intensively…