Newbie - Location utility


I hope someone can easily indicate to me (in a few lines) the right direction for the following objective. I’m totally new and I just joined the community. So sorry for that.

I would like to experiment an easy application, which is:

  • Creating a wireless embedded module (the smallest as possible) , which gets the location (GNSS/GPS)
  • The location is regularly sent to airVantage
  • I can view the location of this object in real time on my smartphone, by connecting to the airvantage API.

Of course I want to dig my self about developing / customizing the application. But I would appreciate is someone can just get me to the right direction about the module and the development kit to get started with. Knowing that my goal is to create this object (the locator) as smallest as possible .

Thanks to all in advance.


MangOH Red ?


Thanks for the hint. I will dig into it before boring you more. :slight_smile: